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Get ready to...

  • Create and own your time.

  • Say goodbye to those days where "you didn't have time".

  • Replace your “to-do” list with a daily plan that guarantees accomplishment.

  • Have balance in your personal life and career.

  • Make more time for what matters most.


Rebecca Cafiero

Forbes Business Strategist | TEDx Speaker | Bestselling Author

"I feel like I'm good at time management but my goodness, I've done 25% of what she told me and it's just been a game changer!"

Violet Lopez

Wellness Coach

"Thank you Alejandra for helping me get really organized on my upcoming launch! She helped me plan things out, remove the things that were just taking up too much time, and really find to focus on the areas I needed the most help with. I'm so grateful! I highly recommend if you're a business owner and you're looking for more organization and clarity in your life, join her, because it is so worth the investment, and you're gonna be so happy that you did!"

Allison Woodley

Health & Happiness Mentor

"Thank you so much Ale!! Loved how you took such a daunting thing and broke it down into bite size/actionable bits!"

Genesis D.


“I loved being able to acquire real and working tools to improve my time management and productivity levels. The awareness raising on these issues has been fundamental. The support I received and the solutions you gave me! Thank you."

Arleen P.


"What I needed to fulfill something I had been putting off for years. In 6 weeks I advanced more than in two years!"

Ashley F.

Leadership Mentor

"Alejandra helped me recognize my areas of weakness and develop plans for time management. Feel more confident in recognizing my time suckers and when I’m not following my schedule. "

Stephanie B.


"I know how much better I feel when I have my time planned out, and I know myself better which helps me decide when to plan, rather than the other way around. I really liked how you remembered things about us that didn’t apply to the course."

Esmeralda H.

"I have managed to respect my personal spaces to take care of myself and be more aware of what I have achieved. What I liked the most was your energy activating activity, it is fundamental and I did not see this from that perspective or as something essential and it has helped me to be high vibes. Thank you very much Ale, a gift of life that we met and your enlightenment those days!"

Do you want to take control of your time AND have a community of female entrepreneurs supporting you?

Then, you're looking for the Group Mentoring Program.

What could be better than improving yourself, owning your time, and having more balance in your life? Doing that while being surrounded by other amazing, driven, and high achiever female entrepreneurs like you!

Do you want to take control of your time AND have my full personalized support?

Then, you're looking for the 1:1 Mentoring Program.

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  • I've never worked with a coach before, how does this work?

    I, as your coach, will encourage you to act and think differently, create new habits and develop or improve your time management skills. I will hold you accountable and be there every step of the way for you to feel accompanied and guided. As your coach, I will assign you some tasks so you can achieve your goals and I'll always give you feedback.

  • Do I need to make any commitment?

    Yes. Everything in life requires a commitment. You must be willing to act, to improve, and enjoy the process. I commit to being with you during the whole process to support you and allow you to achieve your full potential.

  • How can I get started?

    All you need is to do is deciding which program do you like the most: 1:1 or group, and then will start creating magic!

  • When is the best time to get started?

    Now! Always the best time to start doing something is in the present moment. As they say: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

  • What if I don't have time to do this program?

    Then girl, say no more, you definitely need this!