Does this Sound Like You?

  • I always say I don't have enough time.

  • I want to achieve big goals but never know how or where to start.

  • I always say "yes" to others and I don't know how to create boundaries.

  • I'm always in a rush, never resting or having time for myself.

  • I have a bucket list I feel I'm never going to make it.

  • I'm tired of my endless to-do list.

Imagine if you could...

  • Never say again "I don't have time" because now you know how to create it.

  • Make yourself a priority.

  • Dedicate more time to the things that really matter to you.

  • Achieve your goals with ease.

  • Start that hobby you always wanted to start.

  • Have more motivation every single day.

  • Have more balance and enjoy your full life.


Rebecca Cafiero

Forbes Business Strategist | TEDx Speaker | Bestselling Author

"I feel like I'm good at time management but my goodness, I've done 25% of what she told me and it's just been a game changer!"

Violet Lopez

Wellness Coach

"Thank you Alejandra for helping me get really organized on my upcoming launch! She helped me plan things out, remove the things that were just taking up too much time, and really find to focus on the areas I needed the most help with. I'm so grateful! I highly recommend if you're a business owner and you're looking for more organization and clarity in your life, join her, because it is so worth the investment, and you're gonna be so happy that you did!"

Lisa R.

Life Coach

"I was amazed by my one to one coaching with Ale. She welcomed me into the space warm and authentic. We worked very individually and I love and appreciate her input. So many handy cool tricks to manage my time better, find my weak points, be more passionate. Thank you so much!"

Genesis D.


“I loved being able to acquire real and working tools to improve my time management and productivity levels. The awareness raising on these issues has been fundamental. The support I received and the solutions you gave me! Thank you."

Silvia M.

"When it comes to time management and organization, all I can think about is the distractions ... And since you taught me how long it takes to get back to work after a distraction ... now I start to be more aware of those “little” disruptive interruptions"

What's included?

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  • + Personalized Workbook to achieve your 2022 goals ($247 Value)


  • BONUS: 60 Days Voxer Access Support ($500 Value)

  • RESULTS in ONE YEAR: TIME MANAGEMENT + CREATION: 1 Hour per Day Created of Extra Time = $25/hour x 5 x 50 = $6,250

  • RESULTS in ONE YEAR: Improving Productivity 20% (Average) = $12,000 ---> $18,250 (Time Value/Revenue)

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You are worthy of balance, fulfillment, and success in your life. You can have it all!

I’m Alejandra Marqués Méndez, and I empower ambitious female entrepreneurs like you to achieve your goals by creating the one thing you think you are lacking: time.

I want to share with you all my secrets on creating the life of your dreams. Consider me your Time Management Fairy Godmother!

I’m a Productivity and Balance Mentor who brings a refreshing, positive, and empowering approach to time management. I create a non-judgemental space for you to shed your old, limiting beliefs and step into the version of yourself who takes complete ownership over your time.

I’ve cracked the code on time management. By the age of 27, I earned two Bachelor’s degrees, two Master's degrees, and worked as a criminal law professor at a university. I’ve also worked at law firms, notaries, and research centers, and accomplished all of this while learning six languages, enjoying my social life, and spending cherished and non-negotiable time with my family and friends. 

And now I want to share my exact roadmap to help you create the thing you think you are lacking: TIME. Believe me when I say you can own your time and achieve so much more than you think you’re capable of.

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You deserve to have it ALL!

Stop multitasking and wearing all the hats without direction, let's make conscious decisions in your daily live to achieve everything with ease, feeling unstoppable and really taking care of what matters the most to YOU!

You can have it all now for only $555! Let's get you ready for all your 2022 goals!

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